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Gold And Guns On 51 is the debut release from the two sonic implosion technicians that comprise New Orleans' Blackfire Revelation: guitarist/singer J.R. Fields and drummer Hank Haney. Recording was done Independence Day weekend '04 at Jerry Teel's Funhouse Studio South in New Orleans, LA. Gold And Guns On 51 is being released on Southern Reconstruction Records March 15, 2oo5.

Gold And Guns On 51 is intended as a sonic time capsule, capturing the live experience of the Blackfire Revelation at that particular time in history. The songs they tackled had been the staples at their shows. "Battle Hymn" and "Act Like a Believer" were proven crowd favorites. "I Want You Right Now" was the first cover the duo ever learned. They were introduced to Blue Cheer's "Second Time Around" when former White Zombie bassist Sean Yseult, an avid BFR supporter, brought up a comparison of the two bands after a show one night. When they decided to record the song for the EP Yseult was invited to contribute her monster bass track to their rendition.

Blackfire Revelation formed in early 2003. After a year of honing their sound and making a name for themselves in the New Orleans rock scene the band decided it was time to try their luck on the road. With little to no reverence for how bands were supposed to book tours, and because none of the jazz/funk oriented booking agencies in their area wanted anything to do with them, the band began "guerilla touring" around the south and northeast. This usually meant they would find out about a rock, punk, or metal show in another town, drive all day to get there, then show up at the club with all their gear and convince someone to let them play. Then if a band they played with were on tour they would see how many shows they could tag along for. There was seldomly, if ever, any monetary compensation but just about every club they played at asked them to come back. Much was learned and many good shows were played..

Born in rural Mississippi but raised in Tokyo, Japan singer/guitarist J.R. Fields became a rock obsessive as a teenager. Acts from all over the world, both mainstream and underground, passed through Tokyo. All venues were effectively all-ages friendly, there was no drinking or smoking age, and the young Fields was set free to seek and destroy. On a trip back to visit family in the states one summer, John acquired a 1979 Les Paul custom and a Marshall practice amp. He learned the songs of his favorite bands and over time began writing his own compositions. After graduating high school, he moved to New Orleans to take a stab at college.

Drummer Hank Haney was reared on music from childhood in a small town in Virginia, battering pots, pans and furniture from infancy. After ruining a set of good cookware, his mother urged Hank to join the high school band where he took up drumming on actual drums. He discovered punk rock soon thereafter and quickly became the most in-demand drummer in town.

At a New Year's Eve party in Richmond, where he was attending college, a friend suggested that Hank move to New Orleans. He was drunk and the idea sounded brilliant. Upon sobering up the next morning the idea sounded better still and within three months he'd relocated and met Fields. They discussed their mutual love of punk rock, heavy metal, controlled substances and Ninjas. It was only a matter of time before they began creating the deadly duo that is the Blackfire Revelation.

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