Guy Blakeslee a.k.a. Entrance, is a singer/guitarist who has spent the past few years journeying and performing across America and abroad, playing on his own as well as opening for colleagues like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Cat Power and Devendra Banhart.

Entrance's raw materials are the basic vocabulary of vintage rural music, Delta Blues and the folk traditions that eventually gave way to honky tonk and C&W, but even more so the extraordinary fluidity and spontaneity that early blues and country performers lived and died by. His secret weapon is a remarkably powerful singing voice that he tends to wield with reckless abandon, soaring, howling, breaking into eerie falsetto.

The 23-year-old Baltimore native taught himself how to play guitar with no formal instruction and as a result to this day he plays with his acoustic guitar flipped over and strung upside-down. Whether there are two people or 2000 in the room; whether he's alone onstage stomping a tambourine or supported by other hands and bodies always throw my mind out the window and close my eyes until whoever is in charge pulls the plug.

Above all, his hope is for people to have a good time, their own kind of real good time. (I remind myself every night to present a glimpse of something crazy, fucked up, and real.23

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