Kenny Brown


After 3 long years Kenny's much awaited genuine Fat Possum debut Stingray will be released on Feb 11th. Although R.L. Burnside is fond of calling Kenny Brown his adopted son, it is really the sadly under-recorded north Mississippi bluesman Joe Callicott who was the first musician to take Kenny under his wing.

At ten, Brown was playing with Callicott after school everyday, simultaneously absorbing the hypnotic old African sound of OtharTurner's fife and drum band, a fixture at picnics across the road from Brown's Nesbit, Mississippi, home.

By eighteen, Brown had also apprenticed with local harmonica ace Johnny Woods and Mississippi Fred McDowell, soon becoming Burnside's right hand, which he remained for twenty-five years. With his own band Brown has applied the powerful cry-and-moan singing style of the hills and those relentless, droning guitars to his own distinctive Sound, earning him Musician magazine's praise as "simply the best white slide player you might ever hear." Brown lives in Potts Camp, in the middle of the giant Holly Springs National Forest, with his nephew Jocko and a number of horses.

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