Super Chikan


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"Inna perfect world THIS is what the Blues Explosion shoulda evolved into...well, sorta. The Super Chicken's got the "blues," like, a notch above whatever "they" tell you "contemporary blues" oughta be, as 'em Chickens got their very own thang. Which is, duh, "bluesy" R&B -- tho' at times they git a bit slickish (which may simply amount to a clean recordin'), with a notion to get down onna groovin' motion. Oh, they kinda twangy too, with an overall '70s smoove soul-ish feelin', and an occasional subdued horn honkin' too. All thankfully executed with very little "blues rock" pretense."

- Mike Nipper, The Seattle Stranger

From Playboy "Nerdy white genre-blenders like Beck and Fatboy Slim would give their left nuts to be able to pull of Mr. Chickan's brilliantly wacky but heartfelt synthesis of musical styles."

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