Chapter VII: All Men Are Liars Compilation (1998), Now Available On Vinyl

September 23, 2016

Chapter VII: All Men Are Liars goes where no blues compilation has ever dared to go, blurring the lines between Delta blues and, yes, punk” – All Music

Originally released in 1998 as a compilation featuring some of Fat Possum’s earliest and most defining artists such as R.L. Burnside, T-Model Ford, The Neckbones, Robert Cage and more, today Chapter VII: All Men Are Liars see its’ release on vinyl for the very first time.

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Various Artists – All Men Are Liars Tracklist:

1. Cedell Davis – Keep On Snatchin’ It Back
2. Bob Log III – All The Rockets Go Bang
3. Johnny Farmer – Ocean Blues
4. 20 Miles – East St. Louis
5. Junior Kimbrough – You’re Gonna Find Your Mistake
6. T-Model Ford – To The Left To The Right
7. The Neckbones – You Can’t Touch Her
8. Paul Jones – Rob & Steal
9. Elmo Williams – Hoopin’ & Hollerin’
10. Hasil Adkins – Things Are Movin’ Way Too Fast
11. Robert Cage – Get Out Of Here
12. R. L. Burnside – It’s Bad You Know