Yuck - "Yuck" To Be Released February 15


Forming little over a year ago, Yuck are a band of four people who are sometimes a band of five people. Daniel (vocals, guitar) and Max (guitar) are from London. Mariko (bass) is from Hiroshima. Jonny (drums) is from New Jersey. The part-time fifth member is Daniel’s sister Ilana who joins him for the harmonies on the album and occasionally live.

Since the release of Georgia, their debut single on Transparent in March 2010, Yuck have mainly been on tour. They have supported Teenage Fanclub, Modest Mouse and Times New Viking. Their most recent single Rubber was released by Pharmacy Recording Company in October 2010 and remixed by Mogwai.

When they’re not on tour, Yuck make a lot of stuff, like drawings and books and t-shirts. You can see some of these on their blog. 
They self-produced and recorded their debut album at home, which will be be released in February on Fat Possum Records/Pharmacy Recording Company.

Track List:

01. Get Away
02. The Wall
03. Shook Down
04. Holing Out
05. Suicide Policeman
06. Georgia
07. Suck
08. Stutter
09. Operation
10. Sunday
11. Rose Gives A Lily
12. Rubber


"Rubber" (Mogwai Remix"

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