Water Liars Will Release "Wyoming" On BLM



Water Liars, the duo of Justin Kinkel-Schuster and Andrew Bryant, will release their sophomore album Wyoming on March 5th, 2013, via Big Legal Mess / Fat Possum Records. Water Liars spent most of the past year on the road and will continue to tour throughout 2013. Currently, Kinkel-Schuster is playing a series of solo shows under the band's moniker and performs next tonight at New World Brewery in Tampa, FL.

Recorded in their now-hometown of Water Valley, MS in late September, Wyoming will be Water Liars' second LP released in just under a year. At the core of the album are stories of specific, intimate moments that can't help but ring universally true. The band favors simplicity and ample space in their songs, while Justin Kinkel-Schuster's clear, plaintive vocals add to Wyoming's warm yet heartsick expanse. The album ranges musically from contemplative, bluesy waltzes ("Backbone") to lonely, tempered howls ("Fake Heat"); from soulful, heartached swings ("Cut A Line," "You Work Days I Work Nights") to upbeat, but wistful resignations ("Linens").  These 11 uncluttered songs resonate all the way from the breezy, buzzing opener "Sucker" to the closing feedback of "Fire."

Water Liars formed as a serendipitous accident in the summer of 2011, when Kinkel-Schuster (vocals, guitar) and Andrew Bryant (drums, vocals) casually recorded an album's worth of songs over one weekend in Pittsboro, MS. Picked up and released by Misra Records in March 2012, this debut, Phantom Limb, quietly garnered the band praise from NPR (" unassuming sleeper, prone to fits of stark gorgeousness"), The AV Club ("unexpectedly lovely"), Paste, and Vice.

Wyoming track listing:

01. Sucker
02. Fake Heat
03. Linens
04. Back bone
05. Cut A Line
06. How Will I Call You
07. Wyoming
08. You Work Days I Work Nights
09. Fine Arts
10. Bird Of Song
11. Fire

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