R.I.P. Terrell Winn, founding member of The Jim Carroll Band

December 13, 2019

R.I.P. Terrell Winn, founding member of The Jim Carroll Band

Words from Stevie Linsley of The Jim Carroll Band:

It is with very deep sorrow that I have to share with you all the passing of my life long friend and Bandmate Terrell Winn. He died quite suddenly and painlessly. Terrell Reginal Winn was a founding member with Jim, myself, Brian Linsley and Wayne Woods of the Jim Carroll Band. He was songwriter of some of our best songs and his blistering guitar playing was integral to the sound of Catholic Boy and The Jim Carroll Band.

I’ve known him since I was 12 years old, when he and my uncle Brian Linsley first started making music together. Later, when I joined them in what would become the Jim Carroll Band, his mastery and dedication to music helped me to become a strong devoted musician myself. It was, in fact, Terrell who brought Jim to us to make this collaboration. Terrell’s artistic curiosity, always looking to expand himself beyond standard musical limits was what drew him to Jim, and without that curiosity we may never have had this amazing music.

Terrell, I’ll miss you more than all the others, this song is for you my brother!

With Great Love

Stevie Linsley JCB Bassplayer