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Frankie Rose



Axl might be Frankie Rose’s dad. He may have been her father in law or her mom’s fiancé. He used to go to this private after-hours at Tony’s apartment. Anyway. I can’t deal with those assholes; It’s always a full moon there.

But it’s true. It was actually Wednesday and I couldn’t get get off the ceiling. I just found $1,300 in a Prince record. Can’t remember the name. Dirty something or something. There were roundworms but if you only sleep with unemployed guys yer just a slut – if you sleep with rich guys yer a humpty hump to-do. I got take out Kentucky fried chicken or McDonald’s before I puked on the window. It all goes wrong most of the time. But not on this album. Herein Wild goes right as rain man. I’m for real.

Why can’t they just take alcohol and drugs and sex and make kind of like a dessert out of it like a custard maybe with the glazed top like a crème brûlée?

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