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No Windows


The award-winning Edinburgh-based duo No Windows fuse DIY, folk and classic pop on their second EP Point Nemo. Taking its name from the location farthest away from land in the world, the five track EP evokes wintry isolation, and marks a significant step forward for the duo, taking inspiration from the expansive sound-worlds of Elliott Smith and Cocteau Twins, their Scottish peers Cloth and Jacob Alon, and a shared musical curiosity that is all their own.

The effortless musical chemistry of No Windows comes from the tight relationship at its core. Vocalist Verity Slangen and multi-instrumentalist Morgan Morris – now 19 and 18 – met as young teenagers at school in Edinburgh, after Morgan came across Verity – in the year above – who shared videos online of her singing. They quickly established a friendship and an artistic bond, with Verity adding her emotionally-charged lyrics to Morgan’s bedroom recordings.

The upcoming EP saw them writing together in the same room for the first time, leading to an even stronger cohesion between the two elements, and is also their first time introducing an outside producer into the fold: Ali Chant (Dry Cleaning, Sorry, Yard Act, Aldous Harding, Soccer Mommy, Youth Lagoon) who mixed the album with Morgan and Verity in his Bristol studio.
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