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The first four Spiritualized records are the sound of J Spaceman finding his way through the cosmos; bumping into debris, soaring over stars, crash landing onto bleak, lonely landscapes then taking off again, sometimes spinning around uncontrollably until he finds somewhere sublime that he can rest his head for a while, until the restless soul takes flight again.

These records are as epic as they are intimate; a very human type of psychedelia where layers upon layers of swirling symphony never get too loud as to cover up the sound of the lost blues man’s heart. If you listen hard enough you can hear the blood pumping through the veins, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. Wait, did it just stop? Oh no, it’s back.

They represent an 11 year journey from the small town of Rugby, Warwickshire through London to Memphis, New York, Los Angeles and beyond, utilising literally hundreds of musicians along the way, whatever the record company advance would allow him to work with. No curfews, no compromises, no concessions to you or anybody else, J Spaceman, aka Jason Pierce, is one of the world’s greatest musical auteurs.

Spiritualized push the systems and machinations of rock ‘n’ roll music to stretch as far as they will go, experimenting with blues, gospel, modern classical, freeform jazz and abstract noise but with simple nursery rhyme pop song ideas at the centre of the whirlwind. Sometimes out of the tornados emerge moments of sublime, pristine clarity. Other times, the whirlwind just lays waste to your life.

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