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05/29/2012 | FP1271
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Release Description

From its spacious, shoegaze-inflected production to the surprisingly clean melodic lines that resonate throughout, this is an album that rings with the honed precision and craftsmanship of a job thoroughly done. So much so that the song that sparked everyone’s interest in the first place, ‘On A Wire’, isn’t on here. It doesn’t do justice to the band 2:54 have become after 12 months of touring. They’re polished, assured, ready.
- NME.com 4/5

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Track Listing

  1. Revolving 
  2. You're Early
  3. Easy Undercover 
  4. A Solute 
  5. Scarlet 
  6. Sugar 
  7. Circuitry 
  8. Watcher 
  9. Ride 
  10. Creeping