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A Long Dream About Swimming Across The Sea

Tyler Ramsey

01/04/2011 | FP1234
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Release Description

Fat Possum Records is proud to announce its first official release with Ben Bridwell’s (Band of Horses) label Brown Records. Tyler Ramsey’s hometown of Asheville, North Carolina features a music scene where a tight-knit community of players always share the stage, and no one is in just one band (Tyler is a full-time member of Band of Horses). Amid all the recording studios, listening rooms and PBR-fueled bars of Asheville, Tyler stands out. As a formidable talent on guitar, piano, bass, percussion, and vocals, the name Tyler Ramsey has become synonymous with awe-inspiring talent, taste and style.

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Track Listing

1. A Long Dream
2. Ships
3. Night Time
4. Once in Your Life
5. Chinese New Year
6. No One Goes Out
7. Birdwings
8. These Days
9. When I Wake
10. Iris
11. Worried
12. Please Stop Time