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American Hearts

A.A. Bondy

04/15/2008 | FP1112
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Release Description

Sea Blue vinyl is limited to 300 units.

"On a starkly startling 2008 bow, AMERICAN HEARTS, Alabama native A.A. Bondy strikes the pose of lonely rider inching along a desolate plain. At times it feels as if the softly elegant singer-songwriter has been plucked from a portal to the distant past, a gentler Leadbelly, a less boozy Hank Williams; themes of death and despair lurk around every corner of the country-folk blend. An instantly engaging, lyrically mesmerizing record, it fits neatly between Dylan and M. Ward as Bondy slides comfortably into songs of revenge (“How Will You Meet Your End”), salvation (“Rapture (Sweet Rapture)”), or passion (“Lovers’ Waltz”). AMERICAN HEARTS is a striking debut from a grave new voice." - All Music 

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Track Listing

1. How Will You Meet Your End

2. There's a Reason

3. Black Rain, Black Rain

4. Rapture(Sweet Rapture)

5. American Hearts

6. No Man Shall

7. World without End

8. Lover's Waltz

9. Vice Rag

10. Killed Myself When I Was Young

11. Witness Blues

12. Of the Sea