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Baba Yaga


04/16/2013 | FP1294
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Release Description

The Athens-based cosmic country band Futurebirds' second full-length nails the melancholy of trying to chase and pin down something that's special and fleeting. It does so with a loose-limbed tangle of reverbed guitars, hollered harmonies, and driving Southern rock rhythms.- Steven Hyden of Pitchfork 7.5/10

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Track Listing

1. Virginia Slims 

2. Serial Bowls 

3. American Cowboy 

4. Tan Lines 

5. Felix Helix 

6. Dig 

7. Keith and Donna 

8. The Light 

9. Death Awaits 

10. The Doewg 

11. Heavy Weights 

12. Strangers 

13. St. Summercamp