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Life Doesn't Rhyme

Life Doesn't Rhyme

20 Miles

10/07/2003 | FP1008
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Release Description

Each of Life Doesn't Rhyme's eleven tracks are strikingly coherent, near-infallible in their dogged composure. Accessible and clear, the album is easily 20 Miles' most sophisticated record to date, a superlative Bauer earned by sheepishly abandoning all the goofy, bleeding jubilance that made JSBX so hopelessly scattered. Now, Bauer's guitar shoots swiftly through his band's basic roots-rock, establishing prominence while still eschewing loping solos; Bauer's vocals, clean and wobbly, humbly offer quiet, plaintive observations ("My dirty laundry tops the list of my confusion"). 
-Amanda Petrusich Pitchfork.com 6.9/10

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Track Listing

1. Easy Living 

2. Gypsy Babe 

3. Unquiet Glam 

4. Barely Breathing (for Hank Williams)  

5. Clover 

6. Ship is Sinking Fast

7. Drown the Whole World 

8.Life Doesn't Rhyme

9. Everybody Knows My Name 

10. Unfulfilled

11. Tearing Apart

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