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Life Is with People

Life Is with People

Atticus Lish

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From the author of Preparation for the Next Life comes a brand new edition of Life Is with People, Atticus Lish’s first book of 131 illustrations (including 9 brand new ones). The first edition was a limited run of 500 copies. The captioned illustrations within have been described as beautiful, disturbing, hilarious, and terrifying. An interesting companion to Lish’s PEN/Faulkner prize winning novel. Only a couple thousand of these were printed.

“A sketchbook drawn through a poetic gloryhole.” –J.A. Tyler

“This book of dark drawings opens with a handwritten remark from the writer: ‘My primary goal in producing this book is to meet peoplewith similar interests.’ It’s such a plaintive and sincere sentiment as to cast the inked portraits of starved women and genitals and violence of the subsequent pages, giving the book the feeling that it was scraped out of the gutter in front of the visitor's entrance of a maximum security prison.” –Amelia Grey

“The book is sort of disturbing if you want to know the truth about it.” –M Sarki

“At first they pop out and seem to work on a totally visceral level, but then you find yourself going back to look at them again and again, searching for meaning.  I think that’s the sign of a great piece of art, and that’s what Lish has created.” –Jason Diamond

“Horrible things happen to people in Atticus Lish's drawings. Monstrous women lust after Tony Danza; serial killers spout ad copy; one-liners are acted out literally, with disastrous consequences. Yet, I couldn't keep from turning the school-notebook ruled pages of this book to find out what the guy on the next page was up to.” –Dmitry SamarovHack: Stories from a Chicago Cab  

“Viewed within the context of a coming-of-age narrative, certain things take on a new significance: the constant state of menace that certain characters undergo throughout; the grotesque authority figures that populate the book; and even the somewhat irreverent take on Judaism” –Tobias Carroll

New edition with brand new punk-flyer pink cover and 9 brand new illustrations

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