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Songs in A&E


06/21/2024 | FP1828
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Release Description

Spiritualized and Fat Possum Records today announce the reissue of Songs in A&E out 21st June. The latest installment of The Spaceman Reissue Program: Curated by J Spaceman, Songs in A&E – completed in the aftermath of J Spaceman’s near death hospitalization - is a collection of graceful, country-influenced songs that circle on familiar themes of love, death, hope and hopelessness. The reissue has been remastered for vinyl by Matt Colton at Metropolis Studios and features revamped artwork, including a new album cover.

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Track Listing

1. Harmony 1 (Mellotron)
2. Sweet Talk
3. Death Take Your Fiddle
4. I Gotta Fire
5. Soul on Fire
6. Harmony 2 (Piano)
7. Sitting on Fire
8. Yeah Yeah
9. You Lie You Cheat
10. Harmony 3 (Voice)
11. Baby I’m Just A Fool
12. Don’t Hold Me Close
13. Harmony 4 (The Old Man…)
14. The Waves Crash In
15. Harmony 5 (Accordion)
16. Borrowed Your Gun
17. Harmony 6 (Glockenspiel)
18. Goodnight Goodnight