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Melody's Echo Chamber

09/30/2022 | FP1805
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Release Description

Unfold the lost follow-up album to her self-titled debut Melody’s Echo Chamber, which includes seven rare and unreleased tracks. The album will be released alongside the 10th-anniversary edition of Melody’s Echo Chamber, both albums to be released on September 30th via Fat Possum Records. It’s a hypnotic and sometimes hypnagogic adventure of the senses, full of summery, shimmery songs that still sound as dreamy and vivid as they did a decade ago.

 On the lead single of the album, UnfoldMelody says “To me this song captures the emotional ambivalence of a crossroad, like a child finding a special seashell hidden in the sand but the ocean's creature still lives inside,i guess it's the sound releasing of the beloved.”

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Track Listing

Pêcheuse de Lune

Ocean Road

Norfolk Hotel


From Pink They Fell Into Blue

Pieces of Sound

The Cure