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Voyage To Mars


04/05/2022 | LUM031
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Deluxe Edition Limited to 150 copies!

Release Description

Josie Boivin’s dream has always been to be a musician. Well, that and to go to Mars.  “I love space. I love aliens. I love thinking that we’re not alone in this big strange universe,” says the Montreal-based singer and multi-instrumentalist who records as MUNYA. “Those things give me hope.”

Both the longing to make music and the desire for interplanetary travel come together in Boivin’s new album, Voyage to Mars. Named for Georges Méliès’ classic silent film Le Voyage dans la Lune, the record feels beamed in from another planet, suffused with an otherworldly light. It’s music that looks out to great darkness of the sky and the stars beyond for the inspiration to pursue your dreams

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Track Listing

  1. Maracuya
  2. Boca Chica
  3. Tonight Tonight
  4. Cocoa Beach
  5. Pour Toi
  6. Voyage
  7. Life Is A Dream
  8. America
  9. Dove
  10. Captain Ron
  11. Perfect Day
  12. Tresor
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