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Wild Gift


03/22/2019 | FP1696
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“For 1985’s Ain’t Love Grand , the most noticeable difference is in the production. Renown heavy metal producer Michael Wagener was on board (whose credits include Motley Crue and Great White), replacing longtime X ally Ray Manzerek. As usual, the songwriting and performances shine, but the raw sound of their earlier work is noticeably absent — instead of changing his approach for X, Wagener produced them as he would a metal band of the ’80s, smoothing out the rough edges. Still, the band scored perhaps their biggest radio and MTV hit ever with “Burning House of Love,” and they composed such other highlights as “What’s Wrong With Me,” “All or Nothing,” and “My Soul Cries Your Name.” – G. Prato, allmusic.com

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Track Listing

1. The Once Over Twice

2. We're Desperate 

3. Adult Books 

4. Universal Corner

5. I'm Coming Over 

6. It's Who You Know 

7. In This House That I Call Home 

8. Some Other Time  

9. White Girl  

10. Beyond and Back 

11. Back 2 the Base 

12. When Our Love Passed out on the Couch 

13. Year 1

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