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Yuck (Deluxe)


11/08/2011 | FP1257
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Release Description

Yuck is a confident, wildly ambitious debut record, but also one which brims over with a ragged warmth and tenderness, tipping its hat at alt music heroes past such as East River Pipe, Dinosaur Jr and Sparklehorse while at the same time retaining a unique identity entirely its own. From the rousing call to arms of the opener "Get Away", to the hypnotic sturm und drang of "Rubber", and the grungy serotonin rush of "Operation", it is clear that this is a band in full control of their powers when it comes to anthemic and offbeat guitar rock. But they also reveal an achingly fragile side too, as with the gorgeous, heartsick croon on "Suck", or on "Sunday", where Bloomberg asks, "Did you take the rhythm from me? Yesterday I had it all" over chiming, jangling guitars.

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Track Listing


1. Get Away

2. The Wall

3. Shook Down

4. Holing Out

5. Suicide Policeman

6. Georgia 

7. Suck

8. Stutter

9. Operation

10. Sunday

11. Rose Gives a Lilly

12. Rubber


1. Milkshake

2. Cousin Corona

3. Doctors In My Bed

4. Coconut Bible

5. The Base Of A Dream Is Empty

6. Soothe Me